Thursday, January 28, 2010

How To Invite A Celebrity To An Event Letter How To Invite A Celebrity To Your Event?

How to invite a celebrity to your event? - how to invite a celebrity to an event letter

How do I invite a celebrity for your event? It's free, or download

We have an historic town, even pleasant. Such cases, once in a lifetime. For some people it is an honor, in this case and try to invite a celebrity or public official, the hero or someone to be our guest of honor.

How We Do That?
Can anyone submit a letter of invitation Sample


MEL said...

I recommend you take a look at:

It is a white line / database information on more than 55,000 celebrities. I think, most of these figures, the agent, you can turn to, but it would certainly be my starting point.

If it's a charity event, you will probably not cost money, but it would be something to discuss with the agent. And I do not recommend, letters, phone calls will probably be more of a response.

Good luck!

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